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Bigger B2B
opportunities in China

Access the world’s fastest-growing B2B economy with the only Account Based Advertising platform with reach in China. As businesses worldwide look to build global partnerships, now’s the perfect time for your clients to expand into China. Get all the benefits of Account Based Advertising for a thriving and exciting new market.

The B2B ads platform tailored to perform in China

Our Account Based Advertising platform is fully compliant with China’s data and internet regulations. Through our relationships with local partners like AliCloud and Badiu, you can confidently target Chinese companies with relevant B2B advertising. These campaigns use our tried-and-tested IP targeting technology, enhanced with the layers of identity resolution that are available in China.

Local insiders for the
B2B market in China

Our Hong Kong office and local specialist staff understand the nuance of B2B advertising in China, including the most effective ways to communicate with businesses there. Their local knowledge helps you access premium publications in China and reach target business. By combining Chinese project management with European account management, you and your clients get the most effective service.

The benefits of Account Based
Advertising in China

abm china

Build your client's brand in a brand new market

Offer your clients the opportunity to build a reputation with B2B companies in China that have historically been hard to reach.

abm china

Attract ambitious clients with global budgets

Grow your agency by attracting clients who are looking to expand globally and have the budgets available.

abm china

Deliver relevant ads with authentic Chinese context

Grow your agency by attracting clients who understand the customs and culture of China's B2B market.

Empower your clients
to expand into China.

Local Leadership

AccountInsight provides customers and our people the chance to learn and grow with innovators and thought leaders with extensive background in connecting business to people via media in China.

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