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Account Based Marketing and Connected B2B Experiences

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This is a Masterclass on Account Based Marketing and the future of B2B marketing.
On our continued journey of building the discipline around Account Based Marketing, Accountinsight interviews some of the sharpest minds in our industry to get better understanding about how digital, media , agencies and B2B are shaping the future.

Ricky Abbott is the President of Americas for Transmission shares a fairly honest appraisal of where he feels the world of ABM is heading to.
He works with clients across the technology sphere to help them link inbound, outbound, and marketing technology together to unify their marketing activity and identify the value it’s delivering.

He has worked with many large fortune 500 brands to build true revenue-generating marketing engines, whether that’s combining brand with demand-gen or creating an account-based approach.

If you are interested in:

🔸B2B marketing
🔸How to do ABM properly
🔸Creating connected B2B experiences
🔸Overseas expansion as an agency
🔸Becoming the biggest independent unified B2B agency in the world

Enjoy the chat!

About Accountinsight

Built for B2B marketers. Managed by B2B agencies

Nominated Emerging Vendor of the Year at the B2B Marketing 2021 Martech Awards.

AccountInsight helps you deliver targeted, tailored ads to high-value companies. Today’s B2B buyers decide digitally, and in teams of up to 40 people. You’re no longer marketing to one person, you’re marketing to whole accounts. That’s why smarter B2B marketers use Account Based Advertising. You will find the conversation fascinating.

As B2B marketing teams demand improved precision and transparency to connect with their customers in long-lasting and meaningful ways, Accountinsight’s nomination as Emerging Vendor of the Year validates our commitment to deliver a media activation platform that targets the right B2B companies and identifies the right media consumption signals from its employees to ensure we display banner advertising with 100% relevance and accuracy.

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