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The Challenge:

Healthcare companies have a
specific issue when it comes to
advertising. You can only promote
medication or medical solutions to
healthcare professionals.
Advertising to the public is illegal.
Traditionally, healthcare
companies have focused on using
events to market themselves and
their products.
However, the impact of Covid-19
has rendered this approach

The Solution:

That’s where ABA comes in. It enables healthcare companies to ensure that relevant medical professionals are the people seeing the ads. This means you can market your products without breaking the law.
AccountInsight helps top healthcare companies to place their ads in front of doctors, physicians, hospitals and labs – in other words, only the most relevant audiences.

The Proof:

Abbott Laboratories is one of the world’s leading healthcare companies, producing medtech, machines and equipment for hospitals and labs.
Cookie-based solutions were of no use as they couldn’t guarantee that healthcare professionals would be targeted.
That’s why they turned to AccountInsight, and use it to place their ads in front of the right people, ensuring compliance with the law and achieving an incredible ROI.


The Challenge:

One of the biggest struggles manufacturing companies face is educating potential customers on what they make. Their prospects generally don’t have time to read through web pages or brochures.
You need to cut through the noise and establish buy-in from people across the entire organisation if you want to sell to them.

The Solution:

ABA enables you to target the exact companies you want to sell to. This means you build brand awareness with your prospects, and can educate them as time goes on.
Eventually, your Sales team can reach out to the prospects, safe in the knowledge that they already know who you are, what you do, and why they need it.

The Proof:

PR Electronics produce industryleading communication devices. It’s a niche product line, and so pinpoint targeting is crucial.
Traditional marketing methods, such as events, left PR with a weak decision footprint. They couldn’t achieve the buy-in they needed.
Since using AccountInsight, they’ve been able to gain traction with large tech companies such as Siemens.


The Challenge:

The two big economic drivers for
the automotive industry are car-buying schemes for employees
of large companies, and fleets for
logistics businesses.
The issue with car-buying schemes is that they only work if employees want to buy your cars. As for fleets, you need to be able to stand out in a competitive market to achieve the level of buy-in required.

The Solution:

With ABA, you’re able to target
employees at specific companies.
Your ads will then convince
those employees to participate
in the car-buying scheme and to
purchase your cars.
It also enables you to target logistics companies and achieve buy-in from the whole organisation. When they come to upgrade their fleet, you’ll be at the top of their minds.

The Proof:

Two of the largest car
manufacturers in the world, Ford
and Toyota, are using

AccountInsight to target large
companies like Deloitte.

They’re able to achieve buy-in from employees at all levels of the business, boosting sales and building their brand.



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