Your B2B brand
is your biggest asset

AccountInsight is the
ABA platform for
building B2B brands

AccountInsight helps you deliver tailored brand building campaigns to target B2B companies. This means you’re already on their minds when it comes to closing the deal.

Be the B2B brand buyers know, like and choose

Building a strong B2B brand wins new sales, reassures current customers, and positions you at the front of buyers’ minds. Sales activations are great for shorter term spikes, but they convert existing demand rather than creating new demand. B2B branding is the smartest way to spread your message, strengthen your reputation and increase your sales over decades, not just days.

Increase your share of voice, mind and market

B2B brands that invest in advertising increase their share of voice, which in turn increases their share-of-market. They’re remembered better when it comes to the buying decision. 

Because B2B buying choices are emotional, not just rational. Building your brand lets you own a subconscious space in buyers’ brains, so you’re already closer to closing the deal before talks even begin.

Enjoy all the
benefits of a
strong B2B brand

Your brand is your reputation; a business asset that builds in value and that can’t be copied. It exists as its own entity, meaning you can diversify or pivot and your brand carries on. A stronger brand gives you the power to increase prices. Just a 1% increase can create a 10% lift in profitability. Plus, strong B2B brands help align Sales and Marketing, as well as attracting better talent too.

Why B2B brand building works

Increase share of voice

Use Account Based Advertising to be seen, heard and remembered above the competition.

Increase share of mind

Stay positively front of mind when B2B buyers are making decisions.

Increase market share

Win new customers and reassure current ones to help boost sales.

Increase your reputation

Build positive associations by being visible with a longer-term and more emotive message.

Increase brand

Build a business asset that accrues long term value and that exists on its own.

Increase team alignment

Marketing sets them up, Sales knocks them down. Everyone has clear roles.

Build a B2B brand
buyers believe in.

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