Only 10% of B2B buyers are in the market at any given time.

Conventional advice is to focus your marketing on the 10% that are ready to buy.

This is a mistake​

If you only target accounts that are ready to buy, you’ll have to fight that much harder to get them to choose you over your competitors.

In fact, when an account is ready to buy and puts a list of options together, they will almost always go for one of the brands that comes to mind prior to research.

The best way to win more accounts is to play the long, smart game.

How IntentInsight works

Account-Based Advertising is an excellent way to increase your brand awareness across all of your accounts.

Combining it with intent insight takes your campaigns to the next level, accelerating accounts that are ready to buy, aligning your marketing and sales efforts, and informing your other marketing and lead gen initiatives.

Intent Signals

IntentInsight incorporates intent signals from a range of sources to provide a 360° view into campaign performance and each account’s readiness to purchase.

1st party intent

Which pages do they read when they are on your website

3rd party intent

The topics your target accounts read when they are not on your website

Ad Engagement

How much your brand / solution is relevant to your target audience

1st Party Intent Signals

IntentInsight allows you to monitor account engagement with your website.

Filter activity by:
  • Industry
  • Country
  • Account
  • Web Page

3rd Party Intent Signals

IntentInsight tracks the content consumed by accounts via reputable media. See what keywords are present in articles, which accounts are exposed to what keywords and what media sites are being read.*

Filter activity by:
  • Industry
  • Country
  • Keyword
  • Account

* Content consumption is tracked regardless of whether ads win the bid and are displayed.

Ad Engagement

IntentInsight incorporates data on ad engagement, identifying which accounts are enticed by the creative and interested in the brand / offering. Filter activity by:
  • Industry
  • Country
  • Creative

Why it works?

Remove the guess work from your Account-Based Marketing

AccountIntent gives you a live, 360° view of your accounts online behaviour to improve your marketing and sales initiatives.

Target accounts with utmost precision

IntentInsight gives ultimate transparency to the performance of your Account-Based Advertising campaigns.

See which accounts are being reached, how each ad is performing, what media is being consumed the most.

Rate accounts based on their level of purchase intent

Each account is rated and ranked via the IntentInsight algorithm. Each account gets its own Intent Signal rating and gets ranked compared the other accounts being tracked.

Improve your campaign’s performance with day-to-day reporting

Ensure that your ads’ creative and messaging is resonating with target accounts by monitoring their performance.

Leverage real-time intent data to inform other marketing activities

Track how your accounts are engaging with the essential keyword phrases related to your product offerings over time and use this data to inform other marketing and sales initiatives.

Monitor your target company’s level of engagement

IntentInsight empowers sales teams with data on which accounts are in the market for their products and services, saving them time, effort and budget.

Understand over time what your audiences care about

Equip your teams with insights on what is relevant to your audiences.

Detailed insights:
  • Top keywords
  • Number of articles
  • Top 10 web domains
  • Intent signals over time

Deep dive intent signals to identify strategic opportunities

Use a combination of intent signals, segmentation and keyword filters to confirm gaps in your offering or new revenue opportunities.

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