AccountInsight_Podcast - John Harris, president & CEO at Worldwide Partners, on the future of B2B advertising

John Harris, president & CEO at Worldwide Partners, on the future of B2B advertising

This is a Masterclass on B2B, advertising and network agencies.

On our continued journey of building the discipline around Account Based Advertising , Accountinsight interviews some of the sharpest minds in our industry to get better understanding about how media , advertising and agencies are shaping the future.

John Harris is the President & CEO at Worldwide Partners, one of the world’s largest advertising and marketing communications network made up of 70 independent agencies in 40 countries  employing 4,500 people. Clients include Lufthansa, Microsoft, Pfizer, McDonald’s, Amazon,  3M and Las Vegas Tourism.

Worldwide Partners  agencies manage over $5 billion (USD) in worldwide advertising expenditures.

He has held senior roles in TBWA, The Integer Group,  Smash Burger, Location 3 and Worldwide Partners.

He believes that the best way to predict the future is to create the future.

If you want to have 20 years’ worth of experience in about just 45 minutes, this is an absolute must listen conversation.

If you are interested in:

 🔸B2B demand generation and growing brands

🔸 Learning everything on B2B and marketing from ground-up

🔸 The role of agencies and how they interplay with CMO’s objectives

🔸 The role of data scientist vs the big creative idea

This podcast is for you. Enjoy the chat!

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