Turn your web traffic
into warm leads.

AccountTracker shows you who’s visiting your website so Sales teams can follow up.

lead generation.

AccountInsight gives you insights into accounts that are engaging with your campaigns, and visiting your website. See which accounts show active signs of engagement, then empower your Sales team by giving them a list of interested accounts.

What is account based lead generation?

It’s a way to see specific companies that visit your website, the pages they engage with, and their surf IP address. Then you can retarget them with relevant ads, or open up sales conversations from further down the funnel.

Why account based lead generation works.

Traditional lead generation methods rely on quantity, not quality. You release a range of content hoping it generates the right leads. Time and money is wasted in sales conversations with poor-fit accounts.

The smarter way is for Sales and Marketing to collaborate
on closing accounts that you actually want to close.

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