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Paul Frampton on Technology, Advertising & Media’s role in Marketing

This week’s Agency Dealmasters welcomes Paul Frampton, a respected customer and people-focused tech and marketing leader. It’s not often that we get to chat to someone with such an illustrious marketing career.

He’s currently president of marketing consultancy and agency Control v Exposed, which advises brands on media operating models, martech, data strategy and right housing. The agency also provides data driven activation and execution for all addressable media channels.

As host of the Time for a Reset podcast, Paul Frampton is no stranger to the medium and passionately shares his insights into the state of marketing in 2021.

Listen now if you’re interested in:

🔸 Transformation in the marketing industry

🔸 How to get the most value from your media budget

🔸 Why agency commercial models need to change

🔸 Media’s role in marketing

Enjoy the chat!

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