Why your accounts aren’t responding to your ads

So, you’ve come up with an exciting advertising campaign, you’ve paid to have it displayed across the internet on prominent sites, and are waiting for the sales to start rolling in. Except… that doesn’t happen. Did your ads backfire? Did you miss the mark on exactly who it is that wants your product? Did your […]

What is Account IP Targeting and why Account-Based Advertising?

Average buying centre size in companies with 1.000+ employees consists of over 30 employees. On such a scenario, how should Sales and Marketing work together to close the big deals? What is Account IP Targeting and why Account-Based Advertising can help? How do you make sure you score 20/20 on Awareness, Confidence and Trust? Not […]

B2B finds a new growth model with Account-Based Advertising

As budgets are scrutinized and with marketers needing to show business value: how much credit should go to B2B account-based advertising as a contribution to revenue? Common sense and empirical evidence show that advertising has a big impact on expected margins, loyalty levels and customer trust. However, brand building is a long-term strategy that just […]

Should B2B companies fear a cookie apocalypse?

There are big changes within the Ad Tech industry. As big expectations around Account-Based Marketing platforms do not match reality; B2B companies wonder how to embrace the monumental shift which makes cookie-less targeting look so yesterday. Account-Based Advertising on IP targeting is emerging as the only long-term solution that does not rely on shrinking cookie […]

Why successful B2B companies invest in share of voice marketing (SOV)

Have you ever tried to close a sale on an existing customer, only to hear the disappointing news that they chose to go elsewhere? In B2B, you need to ensure your share of voice (SOV) is above your Share of voice (SOV) to keep sustainable growth. The Share of Voice marketing rule has been in […]

What is account targeting? more than ads & more than tech

It is a fact: increasing risk aversion, compliance concerns and technology complexity, has resulted in a high increase in the number of people involved in the purchasing process. As such, account targeting is more relevant than ever. As every sales professional knows, the bigger the team, the less likely they are to end up buying. […]

Why Account Based Advertising Really Works

The Essential Read for All Companies Embracing Account Based Advertising and Programmatic B2B. All you need to know about the value of branding in B2B in a concise report: “The 5 principles of growth in B2B – Empirical Observations on B2B Effectiveness”

Why Programmatic B2B is Essential for Account-Based Marketing

When it comes to B2B , the buyer-seller relationship isn’t always the easiest to manage. The days you could close a sale by working just with one individual are gone, now it is all about marketing and sales influencing a large group of people.

Account-based advertising metrics to pay attention to

Do you know what metrics are worth paying attention to with account-based advertising (ABA)? How do you keep track of what’s performing well or poorly so you know what to improve on, or leave out in your next campaign? Here, we delve into the heart of the metrics that make a difference and guide you […]