AccountInsight_Podcast - Riaz Kanani, CEO and Founder of Radiate B2B, on adopting ABM & understanding user behaviour

Riaz Kanani, CEO and Founder of Radiate B2B, on adopting ABM & understanding user behaviour

Thanks to his fascination with the importance of branding, technology and people, Riaz Kanani has an enviable amount of marketing experience to share. Not only has he built global video ad networks that understand user behaviour, launched the first paid for cinematic movie online, and helped build demand generation and engagement marketing strategies for companies across the globe, but he has now also been featured on Agency Dealmasters.

His mission is to build better ways to do B2B marketing that increases both average contract value and the speed of closing contracts. With Radiate, he’s using scaled account-based marketing to build awareness and accelerate deals through the pipeline.

You’ll find this podcast fascinating if you’re interested in anything to do with:

🔸 Entrepreneurship in B2B marketing

🔸 The ideal B2B buying experience

🔸 The importance of branding in complex B2B decisions

🔸 Recruiting people who believe in your vision

Enjoy the chat!

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