What is IP targeting?

IP targeting uses a company’s shared IP address to target employees with relevant digital ads.
AccountInsight makes it simple to source and verify IP addresses, so you can be sure your campaigns reach the right people.

Why IP targeting works

Traditional cookie-targeting is falling out of favour.
There are tighter privacy restrictions and too much guesswork about audiences, and browsers have started phasing out third-party cookie data. This all means wasted paid clicks from poor-fit account. IP targeting is precise, reaching key accounts only.

How IP targeting works


Identify company IP addresses using AccounInsight’s inbuilt IP sourcing and extensive database.


Target high-value accounts with tailored digital ads and show campaigns on sites you select.


Analyse accounts that engage with your campaign and website, then retarget or open sales conversations.
IP Targeting advertising
Reach the right companies with relevant campaigns.

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