Account Based Advertising (ABA)

ABA uses digital ads to target B2B high-value accounts. It’s a precision way to get personalised ads in front of key decision makers, and on the websites where they already spend time.

Why ABA works

Traditional advertising is based on vague demographics and unreliable cookie-targeting.
It’s a ‘spray-and-pray’ approach that’s inefficient and imprecise. ABA focuses your advertising on reaching high-value companies, strengthening your brand’s reputation
and business relationships.

How ABA works


Identify high-potential companies to target using their surf IP address.


Create personalised campaigns that resonate with the right message.


Show your ads on the sites most likely to be seen by key decision makers.

the ABA platform built for B2B.

AccountInsight makes it easy to identify and target key companies with personalised campaigns, build brand awareness with buying committees, and close deals with dream clients even faster.

Benefits of ABA

Zero waste ads

Waste less ad spend on clicks from companies that aren’t best-fit. Focus your advertising on accounts with the highest potential.

Personalised messaging

Personalised campaign messaging shown on the right websites make more impact, accelerating sales conversations.

Precision targeting

dentify high-value key accounts then target them with relevant digital ads that ensure you stay front of mind.

Brand building

Get your brand seen, recognised and remembered so you’re closer to closing deals without setting foot in the room

Enhance your marketing

ABA works perfectly as part of your overall marketing, increasing your share of voice, mind and market

Empower Sales teams

Use Account Based Advertising to enable Sales teams with warmer leads from engaged key accounts.
Reach the right companies with relevant campaigns.

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