The advertising platform
built on B2B expertise.

AccountInsight is the result of years of experience and expertise in the B2B advertising sector, helping global brands achieve their marketing goals.
AccountInsight was born as a B2B solution inside GroupM (WPP) – the world’s largest media buying and technology group.

Our innovative IP targeting technology
helped deliver targeted, tailored B2B 
campaigns for clients such as Lenovo, SAP
and Abbott Laboratories.

Since then, we’ve evolved and enhanced the technology to become the leading Account Based Advertising platform.
With offices across Europe and US, we help global media and B2B brands to focus their advertising efforts on the highest-value accounts.

Today, our mission is to give the B2B advertising sector a simple SaaS solution to make their marketing more effective.

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AccountInsight is the account based advertising platform for smarter B2B marketing.

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