Account Based Marketing Solutions from AccountInsight:

The Demand Side Platform Built for B2B

Why you need Account Based Marketing Solutions

Marketers deserve more than the traditional consumer ad-tech to succeed in B2B.

You are marketing to groups of people within companies in long and non-linear sales cycles.

To succeed in you communication and positioning you need account level targeting, optimization and reporting.

That’s why we built AccountInsight

Capability to segment and activate B2B audiences

Capability to optimise campaigns’ results by B2B audiences.

Capability to report results by B2B audiences


B2B Display Advertising

To grow your revenue, you need to effectively create demand.
In B2B, successful companies balance the long game of brand building and short-term sales activation.
With display advertising you target key companies and show to the key decision makers your ads on the websites where they read about the topics and problems you solve

Intent Based Marketing

As we target your accounts, AccountInsight monitors the web articles being read by their employees.

Through advanced semantic keyword analysis, this information is transformed into a detailed, dynamic dashboard offering insights into companies actively seeking specific products or services.

Our platform simplifies web analysis, identifying keywords and categorising them for easy intent understanding.

B2B Audience Targeting

Designed for B2B teams with in-house DSPs, our B2B Audience Targeting solution facilitates the conversion of our company signals into audiences.

These seamlessly integrate into your chosen DSP as either data segments or media deals, depending on the DSP.

Over 1000 syndicated B2B data segments across 40+ B2B properties


Select companies based on the industry / vertical in which they operate.

B2B lifestyle segments

Target audiences that share characteristics due to the nature of their job, i.e. healthcare workers, public sector employees, university students.

Company size

Select companies based on the industry / vertical in which they operate.


Select only companies in market for specific IT related solutions.


Many B2B product and services have better fit depending on the technology already in place in the B2B targets.

Custom Segment

Tailored targeting based on list of companies of your choice or combination of different criteria.

AdTech Ecosystem Built to maximise your digital targeting relevance

AccountInsight’s bespoke B2B DSP integrates with the best ad stack so you can focus on marketing and sales and leave to us the technology, reach and insights you need to succeed


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