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AccountInsight helps B2B marketers run targeted digital ads, build brand awareness, influence buying teams, analyse interest signals, identify warm leads, enable sales teams, and above all…

…close key accounts faster.

Account Based Marketing.

Traditional B2B marketing wastes budget on a ‘spray-and-pray’ approach. Account Based Marketing is a smarter strategy to target high-potential accounts and turn them into customers.

It brings together your Sales and Marketing teams to focus on closing key accounts using precision targeting and personalisation, even at scale.

Account Based Advertising.

Deliver digital ads to target companies using their IP address. Tailor your campaign messaging so it resonates with whole buying teams, not just a few individuals.

Then choose the websites where your ads are shown to increase engagement from all decision makers.


Choose key companies you want to target using their surf IP address, not imprecise cookie-targeting or audience demographics.

Using publicly available data, AccountInsight helps you identify and map business IP addresses using intelligent technology and a database of existing businesses.

Lead Generation.

Analyse companies that visit your website, then empower your Sales team with warm leads

Access account-level campaign metrics including impressions, clicks, CTR and web page duration to show you which companies are interested before opening up sales conversations.


Global company IP identification enriched with firmographics data


The future of advertising is without cookies, just as our technology.

Born in

Solution incubated within Groupm, world’s largest media company


Algorithmic advertising optimization based on campaign’s goals


Reach the right decision-makers by choosing the media and context


100% transparency with a pay as you go model

The AccountInsight

The digital ads platform designed for B2B.


Focus on reaching and retaining your highest-revenue accounts using personalised display ads.

A scalable

Get end-to-end automation that makes it easy to run targeted digital ads to multiple key accounts.


Get results and ROI faster with an intuitive platform that automatically optimises your ad campaigns.

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