AccountInsight Joins IAB

AccountInsight Joins IAB to Enhance Presence in Advertising Ecosystem

AccountInsight is thrilled to announce its official membership in the prestigious Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). This accomplishment reflects our steadfast dedication to actively participating in the ever-evolving B2B display advertising landscape.

By becoming a member of IAB, AccountInsight gains a multitude of advantages that will fuel our growth and success. Here are some key benefits we can leverage:


      1. Streamlined Onboarding into the Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF): As an IAB member, we will expedite our onboarding process into the TCF. This will empower us to develop advanced Account-Based Advertising (ABA) and Intent products, accessing comprehensive IP data from publishers. Additionally, we will enhance our expertise in cookie management and audience creation.

      1. Strengthened Industry Credibility: Membership in IAB solidifies AccountInsight’s position as a trusted entity in the advertising industry. This newfound credibility can be leveraged during our interactions with prospective clients and partners, enhancing our brand reputation and creating additional business opportunities.

      1. Access to Cutting-Edge Training Resources: Our IAB membership grants us access to a diverse range of training resources. This invaluable opportunity will enable us to expand our knowledge and skills in the rapidly evolving field of programmatic media.

      1. Active Participation in Industry Discussions: Through our IAB membership, we will stay informed about crucial industry discussions and actively contribute to them. For instance, we will have the opportunity to participate in discussions regarding advertising in a post-cookie world, a critical topic that will significantly impact our industry in the coming years. We anticipate that IP targeting will emerge as a formidable contender.

    AccountInsight is excited to embark on this new chapter as a member of IAB. We remain committed to pushing the boundaries of advertising innovation, delivering exceptional value to our clients, and shaping the future of the industry.

    To learn more about AccountInsight’s membership in IAB, please visit

    About AccountInsight: AccountInsight is a leading company in the advertising industry, specialising in cutting-edge Account-Based Advertising (ABA) and Intent products. By leveraging advanced technologies and data-driven strategies, AccountInsight empowers businesses to achieve unprecedented success in their advertising campaigns. With a focus on continuous innovation and customer satisfaction, AccountInsight is at the forefront of revolutionising the way brands engage with their target audiences.

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