AccountInsight_Blog_ABA_ Why are B2B agencies offering Account Based Advertising?

Why are B2B agencies offering Account Based Advertising?

Traditional B2B marketing is broken. The result? Lost leads and long sales cycles that hinder business development. As such, smart B2B agencies are looking at Account-Based Advertising Solutions with a view to adding another string to their bow.

Digital is the new norm but GDPR and ever-changing cookie laws are making it impossible to target individuals. Events are off the table for a while just as the need to build trust is higher than ever. On the flip side, content and inbound marketing lack the precision and immediate ROI that B2B companies require.

With over 70% of the B2B buying journey happening digitally Account-Based Advertising (ABA) is going to be the next major outbound channel for B2B companies. Smart B2B agencies see already that by the end of 2020, programmatic ads will make up two-thirds of all display advertising (martechcube), with B2B companies investing $15 billion on digital ads. B2B Agencies are already looking at adding another string to their bow.

What’s in there for B2B agencies?

Increased revenue per client. Gain access to your client’s programmatic budgets and expand your current client’s accounts.

New clients lined up. Account Based Advertising is still relatively young, so you have the opportunity to be one of the leaders in this growing space.

More clients retained. ABA provides incredible value. The kind of value that keeps clients around for the long-term.

Partner with us and gain access to the AccountInsight platform.

  • Place your client’s ads in front of the exact companies they want to sell to.
  • Build your client’s brand awareness with every single employee and move closer to consensus before they even set foot in the room.
  • When your client’s Sales team reaches out, they’ll already be top-of-mind, and top of the list.

How to get started with Programmatic Ads?

We’d love to show you how our platform works, and how it can help you unlock the marketing potential that Account Based Advertising offers.

Get in touch to schedule a demo with our team, and take the first step on your ABA journey. 

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