The B2B post-cookie targeting playbook

Practical advice for uncovering your B2B brand’s target audience in a cookieless era The decline of third-party cookies is reshaping programmatic advertising, particularly in targeting behavioral segments. This shift necessitates a reevaluation of strategies to ensure effective B2B targeting in cookieless environments. As traditional methods reliant on third-party cookies become obsolete, exploring solutions that offer both B2B focus […]

How to maximise your return with targeted b2b marketing

It’s difficult to remember a time before digital and content marketing. Thankfully, those days are long gone. Nowadays, we have the ability to reach and engage target audiences through various online channels such as website, social media, and email.  It’s no surprise that digital and content marketing have become so popular, they offer cost-effective and […]

AccountInsight to take Ignite B2B by storm

Technology’s increasingly rapid development requires constant innovation for B2B Agencies to keep pace with the needs of marketing and sales teams. Our session at this year’s B2B Marketing Ignite London 2022 will explore how accurate data and precision account-targeting can help B2B agencies improve the results of their marketing and sales strategies. Using real world […]

Accountinsight wins the award for ‘Emerging vendor of the year’ in the B2B Martech Awards.

Find out how its account-based advertising platform ( i.e. a B2B DSP) built for media and B2B agencies and won the Gold for ‘Emerging B2B martech vendor of the year’. This award highlights companies that have found innovative ways to attract, engage and propel the B2B Martech space to new growth and success. A journey with […]

B2B Marketing 2021 Martech Awards – Accountinsight nominated Emerging Vendor of the Year

Great news to the Accountinsight team as we’ve been shortlisted as Emerging vendor of the year. This nomination remind us that advertising and technology are powerful means to connect with B2B customers in long-lasting and meaningful ways.The B2B Marketing 2021 Martech Awards highlight companies that have found innovative ways to attract, engage and propel the B2B Martech […]

AccountInsight Receives the Wavemaker Hero Recognition!

At AccountInsight, we’re committed to fostering long-term relationships that deliver value for our partners and clients. Especially during times when many businesses need support to keep the wheel turning. One of those exceptional partners is Wavemaker. Wavemaker is the second-largest media agency in the world, building bold campaigns for big brands like IKEA, Netflix, Paramount […]

Challenging times with cov-19 for B2B marketing

The past months have brought a dramatic change. So much happening in the world today, it is not easy for B2B Marketing teams to find their way while marketing budgets, allocated to industry events, are being transferred to digital marketing in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak. AccountInsight helps you accelerate the B2B digital journey: […]

AccountInsight – Driving Forward to the Future

AccountInsight is pleased to announce that we’ll be sponsoring driver Oliver Rasmussen ahead of the upcoming Formula Regional Europe.   We’re always trying to nurture and support new talent, both within our company and outside it. Oliver is a prime example of a young, up-coming talent.We’re proud to be part of his journey to success […]