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The Healthcare and Life Sciences Success Story With B2B display advertising

In the age of digital ubiquity, physicians ought to be more accessible than ever before. However, for a number of reasons, it’s become more difficult to target them. This situation has made B2B healthcare marketing and life sciences (HLS) challenging — but it has also led to new opportunities and innovative solutions: as HLS organizations target Hospitals, B2B display advertising is emerging as the best way to reach these hard-to-target key audiences at scale in EMEA.

Project background:

Extensive research conducted by our customer concluded that digital is the main channel physicians use to obtain relevant medical and professional information.

However, strict regulations for B2B healthcare in the Pharma industry ( ie. players can not advertise to the patients or general public) combined with GDPR and data privacy, results in digital being literally abandoned: marketing automation lacks reach, cookie retargeting is simply not possible.

Thanks to Account-Based Advertising, our customer is able to systematically identify and engage with top B2B Healthcare accounts, focusing the media communication on the accounts that matter most.

In this case story, we’ll learn about the key process steps within the project, including:

  • Preparation. A first workshop to align on the ABM approach, define the scope of the ABA initiative and obtain necessary focus.
  • Selection. Identify a set of Hospital and Labs, validate existing sales opportunities and selected for inclusion in the ABM.
  • Planning. Teams, assets, support material, content, all are defined and agreed.
  • Execution. Account-Based Advertising is implemented, targeting only at Hospital level and looking at contextual targeting & specialist media to reach and influence the right decision-makers.
  • Measurement. Calibration of the platform and key metrics and milestones communicated to key customer stakeholders.

While the journey to conversion for prospects in this industry is far from straightforward, three years into the program, Account Based Advertising is a key component in the digital communication strategy, supporting large deals that on average take years to implement and with a lifetime value worth hundreds of millions.

If you want to improve your healthcare organization’s alignment across marketing and sales and your ability to reach key accounts, it is time to consider Account-Based Advertising.

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