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AccountInsight – Driving Forward to the Future

AccountInsight is pleased to announce that we’ll be sponsoring driver Oliver Rasmussen ahead of the upcoming Formula Regional Europe.  

We’re always trying to nurture and support new talent, both within our company and outside it. Oliver is a prime example of a young, up-coming talent.We’re proud to be part of his journey to success

You may be wondering, what does F1 have to do with an account based advertising platform?

Good question.

For us, it is a prime example of using cutting-edge technology to achieve greater results .

It’s about ruthless efficiency, and hitting targets.

The same can be said for ABA. AccountInsight is designed to make your programmatic ads as efficient as possible. Much like the streamlined racing car that Oliver drives, AccountInsight streamlines the targeting process. It builds on efficient transparency and delivers fast results.

How Account Based Advertising (ABA) works?

ABA uses digital ads to target B2B high-value accounts. It’s a precision way to get personalised ads in front of key decision makers, and on the websites where they already spend time.

Traditional advertising is based on vague demographics and unreliable cookie-targeting. It’s a ‘spray-and-pray’ approach that’s inefficient and imprecise.

ABA focuses your advertising on reaching high-value companies, strengthening your brand’s reputation and business relationships.

There’s also a lot of hard work and preparation that goes into every race. This is similar to the preparation needed to build brand awareness with key accounts.

We want to build a better future, and we believe supporting young talent is how we can do that.

That’s why AccountInsight is supporting Oliver with our sponsorship.

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