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Time to REACT for Account Based Marketing success

What do you do when you have limited awareness, poor account visibility and your customer wants to go 60-80% of the way before talking to a sales person? The REACT Framework assists B2B marketers to implement digital Account Based Marketing solutions by breaking it down into bite-sized tactics and channels, taking a step by step approach to building out a complete ABM program.

We believe that ABM (Account-Based Marketing) represents a true opportunity for B2B companies, which for many years have been struggling with:

a) Bad quality leads
b) Insufficient pipeline
c) Insufficient number of key account contacts
d) No or limited data on key account traffic on the corporate website
e) Increasing financial dependence on key accounts

The REACT model is an ABM approach guiding you on how you engage effectively with key account customers as well as prospective key accounts.

This framework helps B2B marketers to implement ABM by breaking it down into bite-sized tactics and channels, taking a step by step approach to building out a complete account-based marketing program.

  1. Reach. A typical initial step in an B2B display advertising is to gain awareness. An efficient way is Account-Based Advertising (ABA). By shifting away part of the focus from short term wins to long term brand value, companies are set to benefit from a substantial increase in revenue, lower cost of acquisition and higher customer loyalty. ( read our blog for entries on Brand value for B2B)
  2. Enable. It is our experience that not all accounts will react to your ads. Certainly not at once, and at the same time. In this phase, you monitor your corporate website, your campaign landing pages & banners to identify which accounts engage. Complement this information with CRM-lead data to have a 360 view.
  3. Attract.  Being relevant is the biggest challenge for B2B companies. We know we live in a very noisy world. Research shows that whereas in the 1970’s the average person saw 500 ads we are now well over 5,000 ads every day. In this context, being relevant is really not trivial.

  4. Convert. Let’s face it. It is difficult to convert corporate buyers and influencers; to get them to fill out a form or download gated content. In our experience, digital social channels such as LinkedIn and Facebook Audience Network  provide with the much needed last-mile connection.
  5. Transacted: Once you have secured consent to digital communications you are perfectly positioned to engage in 1:1 Account-Based Marketing initiatives. Nurture your targets and drive deeper more meaningful relationships across your accounts.
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