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Accountinsight: the best partner for B2B display advertising

You could make enough confetti for a summer of weddings with all the papers that show how much B2B companies could gain from our award-winning Account Based Advertising platform. Indeed, with over 70% of the buying journey both digital and anonymous, traditional marketing channels show limitations into how deeply they can engage large organizations.

If you are ready to move from the WHY to the HOW, then follow reading as this is one journey you can not afford to miss…

AccountInsight differentiates from other ABA vendors by its DNA: 100% born in Media and B2B

Founded by former WPP executives with extensive experience building and delivering B2B solutions.
• AccountInsight was incubated as solution within GroupM, the world’s largest media buying and technology group.

• Our vision is to create the next category around an Ad-Tech B2B SaaS

Programmatic B2B: our Customers expect reach, engagement, transparency and digital excellence!
• Objective is to enable digital marketing agencies to offer their B2B clients
Programmatic Advertising with 100% precision.

How does AccountInsight REALLY differentiate from other ABA vendors?

  1. We started developing the IP-Targeting solution from media, not technology. The focus was on successfully identifying company IP addresses that ad-networks would match in their ecosystem. Many vendors claim maintaining billions of IP ranges. However, when the majority of the traffic is mobile and ISP related (Telcos) this amount of IPs offers little value to B2B.
  2. AccountInsight was jointly developed with GroupM, with all the expertise and focus that comes with it.
  3. 100% driven by IP-range and media optimization.
  4. Transparency in displaying the inventory performance and allow agencies to add specialized media to the DSP inventory or pause certain media when not performing.
  5. Very strong EMEA focus – more than any other players. For a number of reasons ( market fragmentation, scarcity of cookie data under GDPR…) Europe is arguably the hardest market to unravel.
  6. Business model is 100% focused on pay-as-you-go (i.e. low entry barriers, low risk to run a test on a proven platform)

Competitive landscape.

Our view with regards to competitive landscape outlines 2 main types of vendors competing in the same B2B segment:
a) Account Based Marketing platforms such as DemandBase/Engagio, Terminus, Triblio, Madison Logic, Jabmo.
• Most of them are US based and their approach is cookie-based, which does not work in Europe because of GDPR and privacy legislation.

Cookie-based marketing has traditionally been the name of the game in getting people to your site. It is fantastic when it works… the problem is it’s dying out.

• Some offer IP targeting as well with a very strong US bias.
• Their positioning is as ABM player – ie a strong reporting platform where display advertising comes as an add-on.
• These companies come from the technology space and media is an appendix to what they do.

b) LinkedIn.
• Although very different in technology and approach, very often LinkedIn is also grabbing customers’ attention as an easy to use the platform to target key accounts. However LI has got well-known challenges on reach, both in terms of non-active or non-registered members and cross-platform targeting.

Barriers and differentiation

• IP targeting in EMEA has largely been left behind by current players basically because of its complexity, lack of initial scalability and complexity of managing the B2B display advertising technology when full IPs are not being used.
• As such our approach makes our technology suitable for the most complex markets where customers are being forced into using solutions that do not have the right backend.
• Accurate surf IP-ranges are not publicly available. Ensuring limited spill-over with the IP data in use for campaigns is an ongoing activity. Before and during the campaign.
• As such, all ABM vendors using/purchasing off-the-shelve IP-data will suffer from lack of precision.

Interesting facts about cookies

Some facts to consider here:

•Over 66% of mobile devices don’t accept cookies, meaning you’re already missing out on  tons of mobile users (1)

•The lifetimes of 3rd party cookies usually range from either less than a day to an average of two weeks (2). In practical terms this means that not only you have short lifespan but when cookies are moved across platforms match rates are very low, leaving tons of potentially interesting audiences unattended.

•In many markets ( eg. Europe ) , you need to have explicit consent from the end-user before you can put any cookie in place.

•If your audience is on Safari, then simply forget about them. Normal cookie lifespan is one  session (3)

•Cookie targeting is deterministic, i.e you can only target someone if you have an identifiable cookie on a device that the person uses. This on itself is a very strong limiting factor.

1) 2)   3)

B2B is all about Customer Experience and Account Lifetime Value

Remaining competitive means constantly iterating and improving all elements of your go-to-market strategy. If you do not focus on Account Based Advertising yet, you are certainly leaving money on the table. With AccountInsight you’ll focus your marketing budget at the accounts with more chance of delivering revenue.

Your marketing messages can cut through the noise and you’ll be able to secure more deals that otherwise would have been lost because of lack of resources to engage and communicate with key stakeholders. Done correctly, AccountInsight can build long-lasting connections with real people at your key accounts. If you still think you are not ready, it is time to change your mind. The sooner you start, the earlier you’ll reap the benefits: increased deal velocity and volume, shorter sales cycles, increased alignment between marketing and sales.

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