AccountInsight_Blog_ABA_Accountinsight wins the award for ‘Emerging vendor of the year’ in the B2B Martech Awards.

Accountinsight wins the award for ‘Emerging vendor of the year’ in the B2B Martech Awards.

Find out how its account-based advertising platform ( i.e. a B2B DSP) built for media and B2B agencies and won the Gold for ‘Emerging B2B martech vendor of the year’.

This award highlights companies that have found innovative ways to attract, engage and propel the B2B Martech space to new growth and success.

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A journey with a vision

Accountinsight was founded in 2018 to offer programmatic B2B Display Advertising to media buying agencies, initially (due to existing relationships) those within WPP PLC’s GroupM network.

During the first year, the technology was offered as a managed service but it soon became clear that customers wanted to be closer to execution as programmatic media buying in general is becoming a more common skill in the marketplace.

Since the end of 2019, Accountinsight developed its software with the vision to create a SAAS tool aimed at a far wider audience – general B2B marketing agencies and B2B teams who wish to run their own programmatic account-based advertising campaigns.

“As B2B marketing teams demand improved precision and transparency to connect with their customers in long-lasting and meaningful ways, being recognized as Emerging Vendor of the Year validates our commitment to deliver a media activation platform that targets the right B2B companies and identifies the right media consumption signals from its employees to ensure we display banner advertising with 100% relevance and accuracy” said Toni Chumillas, co-founder at Accountinsight.

He added ” we believe that this creates a new software category, rather as did Eloqua, Hubspot and Marketo with marketing automation several years ago. The next step in B2B communication is programmatic advertising and it will need an efficient B2B DSP for use by non-specialists, linked to algorithms which optimise campaigns to reach and accuracy and automatically boost performance by exploiting high engagement ratios”.

Established in 2019, the B2B Marketing Martech Awards recognize and celebrate all those transforming the B2B marketing landscape through marketing technology.

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