Luke Bozeat Podcast

Unleashing brand growth: a conversation with Luke Bozeat.

With over 20 year working in media and communications, Luke Bozeat has overseen brand growth, launched products, refreshed brands, led integrated agency teams and driven communication strategies across a vast array of areas, from cars, finance and charities to hairdryers, booze, holidays and kids TV. He joined MediaCom when it was still under 100 people and is now the Chief Operating Officer at MediaCom.

Our latest collaboration with the Agency Dealmasters podcast taps into Luke’s extensive agency experience to explore how the relevance of the message is key to advertising success and brand growth, especially in a world that avoids advertising whenever possible.

This podcast is a must listen if you’re interested in:

🔸 Identifying where to move next as an agency

🔸 The future of advertising in a world that avoids ads

🔸 How to see the bigger picture in a fragmented media landscape

🔸 The role of agencies in adding value to clients

Enjoy the chat!

Luke Bozeat has been working in media and communications for more than 20 years and is now the Chief Operating Officer at MediaCom. In a world that avoids advertising whenever possible, this podcast offers some insight into the future of advertising and the role of agencies in adding value.

Doing things differently

A successful agency understands the power of a culture of winning together as a team (and together with your clients), as well as the ability to diversify and focus on the next opportunity. Luke Bozeat says that you need to tie your success to your client’s success – if their business grows, the agency shares in that success.

Is there still hope for advertising? Luke Bozeat weighs in

People will still be drawn to certain things, even if the intent is to avoid advertising at all costs. Live events and sports for example will always attract audiences and that means an ongoing place to advertise. The best ads, says Luke Bozeat, are the ones you just enjoy and you aren’t aware you’re being advertised to. The more relevant to the consumer, the less obvious the advertising is.

The all important user journey

The big challenge for marketing at the moment is the user experience – something like distribution can throw off the experience. You could get every customer touchpoint right, and then hand over distribution of a product to a third party to sort out. If the experience of receiving the product is bad, it doesn’t really matter what else you’ve done right leading up to that point in the user journey. 

The role of the ad agency

It’s not rocket science to state that an agency should be paid for the value they add. On the one hand, the advice, recommendations and planning are easy to quantify in terms of the value they provide for a client. On the other hand, the outcome or improvement on ROI can be hard to quantify and measure as an agency. 

According to Luke Bozeat, some advertisers are looking for a behavioural change in the way a brand is handled. With this comes an opportunity for agencies to think about the impact they’re having. A major consideration here is that an agency can’t just talk about diversity, it has to actually live it in the people it employs. If a brand is looking for a home, it usually wants to know that an agency has diverse human resources to match its needs.

Account-Based Advertising as a tool

AccountInsight offers agencies the tools to better define target accounts, and tailor relevant campaigns to those accounts. If you want to ensure brand relevance and that your client campaigns aren’t going to be just noise, our platform and solutions can assist.

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