Ricky Abbott Podcast

Ricky Abbott discusses ABM & connected B2B experiences

This is a Masterclass from Ricky Abbott on Account Based Marketing and the future of B2B marketing.
On our continued journey of building the discipline around Account Based Marketing, Accountinsight interviews some of the sharpest minds in our industry to get better understanding about how digital, media , agencies and B2B are shaping the future.

Ricky Abbott is the President of Americas for Transmission (see his LinkedIn profile here) shares a fairly honest appraisal of where he feels the world of ABM is heading to.

He works with clients across the technology sphere to help them link inbound, outbound, and marketing technology together to unify their marketing activity and identify the value it’s delivering.

He has worked with many large fortune 500 brands to build true revenue-generating marketing engines, whether that’s combining brand with demand-gen or creating an account-based approach.

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🔸How to do ABM properly
🔸Creating connected B2B experiences
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🔸Becoming the biggest independent unified B2B agency in the world

Enjoy our chat with Ricky Abbott now! 

Create a connective B2B experience

Typical large B2B organisations are siloed and segmented, and don’t spend time focusing on creating a unified customer experience for their clients. This makes it incredibly difficult to create a cohesive message about the brand, which Ricky Abbot believes is critical for any brand journey.

Often, clients use third-party agencies or will segregate their brand teams, media teams and content teams into stand-alone units that work on different tasks. While this may be efficient, the different teams don’t always communicate properly to create a unified experience for their end users. This holds true especially if they’re an international organisation and the various offices aren’t communicating well.

Ad agencies need to look at all the communication their clients’ customers are receiving and ensure that it connects to all other content items that they’re receiving. All the touchpoints and creative themes for the client, from early brand reach to further along in the sales model, need to have the same tone, language use and colour scheme to create a unified experience.

How to use ABM accurately

Ricky Abbott says that data is important because you can’t create an authentic level of connection unless you have the right data. Often, there are many people involved in the buying process, and not one of them wants to be the one to make the final sales call. This can lead to endless loops and pitches. Abbot believes this is the time to actively use ABM as it will become an important factor to sway voices in favour of your pitch.

How you leverage data and insight across the decision-making process becomes critical, from early contact to the content they consume and then later in the sales journey. The ability to leverage data really drives the whole process.

Ricky Abbot firmly believes that data and insight are most useful when used together. Reliance on data alone doesn’t work as well. You can leverage all kinds of data such as customer experiences but you won’t make as big an impact if you’re missing the insight to take things further. Having that insight into a target account’s behaviour becomes the most useful thing at the end of the day, since you’ll be able to more accurately predict the outcome of online interactions.

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