Judith Niederschelp Podcast

Judith Niederschelp on narrowing focus & growing B2B brands

Judith Niederschelp is the CEO of Demand Studio and is also a guest lecturer at Warwick Business School (see her LinkedIn profile here). In this podcast, Judith Niederschelp speaks about the digital revolution, the art of winning new customers, the buyer journey, as well as the modern day B2B agency and its challenges.

Needless to say, she has a wealth of experience and insight to share, so take a listen if you interested in:

🔸 Choosing the best marketing technology

🔸 The value of intent marketing

🔸 Leveraging a multitouch approach to marketing

🔸 Growing brand awareness

Enjoy the chat!

Let’s take a closer look at some of her insights:

Digital revolution

Modern marketing technology means you don’t need lots of budget to get into people’s minds as early as possible. You just need to be consistent so your brand stays there. In our modern age, there is an explosion of data and with it, our ability to target.

Winning new customers

Judith Niederschelp believes that you need to be innovative to win new customers. This means a holistic approach of building a marketing strategy and then underpinning it with appropriate programs. Judith Niederschelp also encourages agencies to have different engagement tactics that are relevant to the point in the buyer journey. Her motto is to be always on with a campaign and tackle the entire buyer journey from A to Z.

Within a big potential market, it’s not always easy to know where to focus your efforts. You should then look at intent – those already showing signals – segment accordingly and introduce an engagement strategy that aligns the content you create with the market you want to engage with. 

Knowing where someone is in their buyer journey is key. The right people, with appropriately timed content, is the goal – although not everyone will convert directly. Start with awareness and lighter content that is easy to consume. This should entice prospects to engage more with the brand. Judith Niederschelp describes this process as an infinity loop and that the journey of engagement is never ending.

Emotion vs brand

It’s vital to really look at the creation of brand awareness and the emotional experience or bond associated with the brand, and not just sales initiatives.You need both in place. Most of a budget should be spent on brand awareness and then execution.

Investing in intent

For intent data, Judith Niederschelp shares that you want to use this data to build your brand and execute intent-based ad programs. This includes where and when to place the right content. In short, her belief is to invest in intent data from brand awareness right through to demand generation.

Often, B2B companies struggle with activating intent data. It’s easy to define intent data but then to actually activate it is often where agencies fall short. Part of the question is, where should the data go? To marketing or sales? How often should you consume this data?

The modern day B2B agency can do it all

In the podcast, Judith Niederschelp discusses the role of the modern day agency – understanding a holistic approach and how to get the best out of data. The aim should be how to do marketing in the best possible way. An agency should be capable of consulting with clients, but also implementing and executing campaigns.

At AccountInsight, we believe in allocating sufficient budget to brand building as everything flows from there. Be informed and adapt when it comes to data privacy. In B2B marketing, you should always stay curious. Contact us if you’d like to book a demo of our ABA platform.

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