AccountInsight_Podcast - Michel Juvillier Explores media advertising, programmatic & the Ad Tech Market

Michel Juvillier explores media advertising, programmatic & the Ad Tech Market

This week’s very special guest is Michel Juvillier, the founder of The Societies Media (see his LinkedIn profile here). 

As an expert in all things advertising and programmatic from the start of the digital advertising revolution, he’s got a fascinating background.

He’s had a ringside seat to see how the world of media advertising and programmatic has evolved over the last 30 years.

Take a listen if you’re interesting in:

🔸 The advertising market in France

🔸 Connected TV

🔸 The media landscape dominated by Facebook & Google

🔸 How traditional publishers are surviving and responding to the threat of digital advertising

Enjoy the chat!

The tech and advertising market in France

According to Michel Juvillier:

  • 80% of the digital investment in the digital industry is made by Google and Facebook, so you only have 20% of the revenue that is shared by several premiership agencies.
  • 65% of the revenue from advertising in France is dedicated to programmatic advertising (the advertising transactions between a buyer and seller).
  • French advertisers are not very comfortable with the concept of programmatic advertising and the ways to use that data to improve their business. However, more and more media agencies are dedicated to data and programmatic businesses, which is encouraging.

Bridging the divide with easy to understand terms

In France, there is a lot of money and opportunity in advertising, but there are also a lot of players, says Michel Juvillier. This often creates confusion for some advertisers, while others find it difficult to keep up with the changing landscape. This divide is what led to Juvillier deciding it was important to invite advertisers to understand what programmatic advertising is. It’s also where the idea of creating a TV round table, known as the programmatic society, came about. It’s meant to help these advertisers – and the everyday person – understand the stats of this advertising medium. The best thing is, it also comes with subtitles so non-native French speakers can follow along if they want.

The role of creativity in programmatic advertising according to Michel Juvillier

Creativity and performance don’t need to be in opposition. Creativity is at the service of the performance really, which is where balance comes in. Many wish to be rational in the creation process and use it to push a price, which can work. Michel Juvillier, however, believes that if you can reach the emotion of the audience, you can multiply the effects of this emotion thanks to creativity and combine it with targeting tools to make better sales. On handheld devices, video is equally important since it can convey emotion well, which taps into creativity. This assists in creating a preference for specific brands, and is what helps to promote one brand over another. 

Programmatic marketing roles in B2B sales cycles

To ensure the effectiveness of programmatic advertising is to see the number of sales as an advertiser compared to the advertising that’s been done. It’s the same measurements as before. Programmatics in marketing are used to increase your efficiency to reach your objectives, but it is not the alpha and omega of performance. Creativity is really important in this process since it helps create this preference of brands.

The final takeaway tip from this podcast is that you’ll always benefit if you choose to become a creator, and perseverance will always help you succeed. We fully believe that staying current with programmatic advertising will help you and your clients. Get in touch to learn more about what we do at AccountInsight, or book a demo with us today.

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