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How to ensure consistent sales acceleration with B2B display advertising

When it comes to sales, the rule of thumb is: the longer a sale takes to happen, the more likely it becomes that there won’t be one. Fast sales tend to happen when buyers have a clear idea of who you are, what they want from you, and what it is they’re getting. Sales acceleration is pivotal to business success.

When sales meander and take their time, it’s often because customers are still looking for better deals from competitors, or they are still in the research process. If they’re still spending time on research, it means they haven’t got enough information about your offering yet in order for you to stand out from others in your field. 

4 ways to use ABA for sales acceleration

To provide your target accounts with all the information they need for you to make a sale, B2B Display Advertising comes into play. ABA can help to get your potential clients from being only target accounts to converting them into happy clients.

  1. Beat the competition – Using ABA means you’re more likely to appear to your target account than competitors who aren’t using any kind of account insights. Ensuring your advertisements are what clients are viewing frequently during their research phase means you’re more likely to be the attractive choice for them. 
  2. Retargeting interested accounts – By focusing on a good retargeting strategy with ABA, you’ll ensure you’re providing constant little nudges to potential accounts to help them on their way. Strong banner ads that feature industry terms specific to their company or interests will serve as reminders, staying in their mind and making them more likely to return to you. You can also look at what topics on your own website that these target accounts have viewed and tailor the content of your adverts to that messaging in your retargeting efforts.
  3. Build trust – Without reassurance, your potential account is not going to make a quick sale – they’re going to delay until they do feel comfortable. Getting to the root cause of why they’re hesitating is the only way to get them beyond it. A stronger, more specific, targeted offer through ABA can often be all it takes to reassure them and help them make that purchase decision. 
  4. Educating everyone – The larger the target company is, the more people it will have behind making that final decision. Each person will need to weigh in on the decision-making process, so it’s important to educate each member of the buying committee. This can be time consuming but well worth the effort.

Sales acceleration will boost your profits

From a financial point of view, the longer a sale takes to go through, the more it will end up costing you. Shorter sale cycles are ideal since the money comes in sooner, and your sales team can spend their time searching for new leads as opposed to moving clients across the finish line. AccountInsight can help you to accelerate your sales and boost your bottom line.

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