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How B2B display advertising can successfully build brand awareness

When you think about brands that have a share in your mind – and a share of the market – it’s easy to think of big corporations who successfully build brand awareness. From “Da-da-da-da-da, I’m lovin’ it” to “I don’t know, let me Google it”, there are plenty of companies that have a significant share of the market. Why? Because they’ve positioned themselves as the first port of call when consumers need to make a decision, or a purchase.

Building brand awareness is all about ensuring that your business becomes the natural choice because customers know what they’re getting. This is brand awareness in its truest sense.

While brand awareness is usually thought of as a B2C tactic, it’s just as important for B2B. The difference though is in how you do this. In B2B, your brand awareness campaign can be a lot more targeted because you’re going after the decision makers within your target companies.

Two things to keep in mind with a brand awareness campaign

You can successfully use B2B display advertising to build brand awareness with targeted precision.

1) Edge into their awareness

In order to make an impact on your target accounts’ mindshare, you need to focus on ensuring your brand has a consistent, well-crafted identity. It must come across clearly in each and every interaction you have with them, before they even know they need you. By putting in some focus at the top of the sales funnel, you can grab the attention of potential clients and nurture them into becoming paying clients.

If you do this well, even with accounts that may not be in the market for your offering yet, your ideal customers will think of your brand the moment they encounter a challenge you can solve. It’ll be your logo that pops into their head in much the same way that the McDonalds logo comes to mind when you get a burger craving.

2) Forge that connection

Brand awareness building is an ongoing process. The idea is that you want to grab hold of as much mindshare in your target audience as possible. This is done by constantly reinforcing the message about your brand so that a target account thinks of you first when it’s time to start the research process for a new purchase.

To develop and nurture this budding relationship, you can personalise ads even more with retargeting strategies. This is done through proper research into your target accounts and the people who work there, especially those on the buying committee. This kind of specific ABA will elevate the awareness they have about your brand while capitalising on the mindshare that you occupy.

Using ABA for rebranding campaigns

Brand awareness is something you need to consider carefully if you’re rebranding your business. Both existing and potential new clients will need to be shown that this new look and feel still comes with the same trustworthy reputation you’ve already built. Using ABA as part of your rebranding initiative can be an extremely powerful tool to help reassure your target accounts and clients that you’re still a preferred choice.

Spend time on the top of your sales funnel

After consistently following the above, you’ll be able to see how well your mindshare tactics are working. More mindshare should lead to more market share – and more sales. At AccountInsight, we specialise in helping brands stand out and get noticed. Get in touch for a quote and let us do the heavy lifting for you.

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