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Why Programmatic B2B is Essential for Account-Based Marketing

When it comes to B2B , the buyer-seller relationship isn’t always the easiest to manage. The days you could close a sale by working just with one individual are gone, now it is all about marketing and sales influencing a large group of people.

Let’s say you’re providing a tech-related solution: Your sales rep. point of contact will start with an information technology specialist such as the CIO. But if the solution is to support HHRR efforts, then certainly the users from that departments will have a saying and you can bet that if your solution requires a certain level of investment, then Finance with want to have its say, too.

It looks like you have different stakeholders to contend with and that’s why Programmatic B2B has become so critical to the success of Account Based Marketing.

B2B Display Advertising helps you touch these unknown decision makers within your target companies. You can map out each party’s place in the buyer journey, providing him the individualized attention expected from vendors.

Market to Individual Accounts

How you leverage Programmatic B2B will vary by company, but you can ensure a smooth implementation by doing the following:

Knowing your decision makers as individuals goes without saying. Otherwise, your Sales Rep. can  never grasp what makes them tick. But in the B2B space, it isn’t just about identifying the hot buttons ; you also need to recognize the decision makers and influencers in the organization.

That’s where Programmatic B2B comes into play. Look for ways to reach prospects into multiple media sites. Doing so will allow you to develop and align your messaging to the issues most important to different target audiences, which can be vital.

Programmatic B2B automation whenever possible

Salespeople are busy enough meeting face-to-face with customers — it’s their strong suit, after all.

Marketing’s role is to provide with communication coverage, inspire customers and raise awareness, connect with as many relevant people as possible, to monitor engagement and gain useful insights about prospects, painting a picture with data.

When you know what customers expect, marketing can optimize Programmatic B2B to offer exactly the content they’re looking for in price, message, and experience to encourage certain behaviors.

It’s all about personalizing account strategies according to prospect needs so you can give that client what’s needed at the best time — that’s providing real value.


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