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The Marketing Funnel is about B2B orchestration

In the B2B Marketing funnel, the activities and efforts for re-engagement and continuous education are critical to maximizing conversions and the lifetime value.

B2B orchestration is the process of continually staying relevant. Marketing teams in B2B marketing funnel need to consider how different channels play in the mix. Being aware of this will enable you to form a lasting relationship with prospects.


The combination and coordination of channels is essential to ensure the following challenges are addressed in the B2B process:

  1. Marketing needs to invest in the solutions that are more effective at targeting accounts that have greatest potential. It is time to end with “spray and pray” solutions.
  2. B2B span of attention is limited. Using too few channels with diminish you ability to grab enough mind share.
  3. Cross-sell and up-sell require that B2B companies work a large decision making group. It is hard to succeed if your communication relies on last-mile conversion only.

Some of the main digital channels we recommend including as part of the orchestration include:

a) Facebook Audience network and retargeting pixel:

b) LinkedIn ads. and Linkedin Content Sharing:

c) Google SEO, Adwords and PPC:

d) B2B Display Advertising:

e) Marketing Automation as last-mile digital touchpoint


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