How to use B2B display advertising with IP targeting to reach employees working from home

During the last couple of years, more and more people have started working from home, and this looks set to become a continuing trend. It’s a big concern for companies using IP targeting to advertise their brand to their key accounts – if employees aren’t working from the office, how can IP targeting still be effective? Luckily, by using account-based advertising with IP targeting innovatively, this challenge is easily solved. In this blog, I’ll explain why account-based advertising with IP targeting still works, even though millions of employees are working from home.

If you’re new to this area of marketing, B2B display advertising delivers online display adverts to people who work at specific companies or accounts. AccountInsight targets these companies using their shared IP addresses to target employees with relevant ads. As employees began to work from home instead of centralised offices, we had to ensure that account-based advertising with IP targeting was still effective.

So how’s it possible to use IP addresses to target people working from home? Let’s dig in.

The two ways account-based advertising with IP targeting can reach employees working from home

Account-based advertising with IP targeting has become the popular alternative for targeting key accounts due to new data regulations such as GDPR and Google’s decision to phase out third-party cookies by 2022. Despite the work from home challenges, the opportunities are extensive – especially with IP targeting.

Here are two of the most efficient ways to reach work-from-home employees from your target accounts.

  • Via their company VPN: VPNs enable a company to secure a network connection, which is why so many businesses are using them to give their employees access to the company’s data infrastructure. This means that while employees are working from home, they’re still accessing the company’s data as if they were in the office, using the same IP address. This makes it just as easy to target employees working from home via a VPN as it is to target employees who are physically sitting in the office.
  • Through Device Identification: By using account-based advertising with IP targeting, we create a cross-device ID so that your ads can find your audience even when they’re not using their company’s IP address. Basically, any device that connects to the company’s IP address can later be targeted with account-based advertising. So if an employee works from home but comes into the office once a week and connects to the Wi-Fi via the company’s IP address, you can advertise to them on that device even when they’re not at the office. They don’t even need to be at home, they could be at a coffee shop or shared office space.

Account-based advertising with IP targeting is effective – even when employees work from home 

It’s understandable that there might be some concern as to whether it’s possible to reach the employees working from home. However, at AccountInsight we see this as an opportunity ensure the same level of accuracy we delivered before the work-from-home trend accelerated.

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