What is account targeting? More than ads & more than tech.

It is a fact: increasing risk aversion, compliance concerns and technology complexity, has resulted in a high increase in the number of people involved in the purchasing process. As such, account targeting is more relevant than ever.

As every sales professional knows, the bigger the team, the less likely they are to end up buying. In this context, winning big deals today means working the entire account.

In this context, B2B companies face 3 real challenges:

  • How to reach all the people that make or influence the decision in B2B companies?
  • How to optimize engagement with a non-linear sales funnel?
  • How to align Marketing and Sales to pursue revenue?

With a media approach, it is possible to run account targeting and add this layer to your digital campaigns, reaching specific audiences within a base of potential decisionmakers. This way you can move into a truly personalized marketing strategy with zero spill-over into non-essential connections.

The programmatic B2B focus has 3 main areas

IP Address (Company) – Ensuring our targeting is specific only to B2B programmatic, i.e. a set group of IP addresses-Companies. 
Persona-based media targeting – Literally, a fenced-in approach where we only engage individuals that read specific (typically professional) media.
Intent (final layer)– Interest-specific targeting to ensure only those decision-makers reading relevant content see your marketing messages.

Companies implementing ABM with Programmatic B2B have better alignment with sales, increased pipeline velocity and close bigger deals. Its adoption accelerates across industries and changes the way companies drive revenue.

When 92% of B2B companies call ABM a must, learning from the leaders in the field is fundamental. 

AccountInsight invites you to discover all you need to know to successfully run B2B Display Advertising. Reach out for more details.

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