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Top 5 Benefits of Intent-Based Marketing in the B2B World

Digital channels are revolutionising the way B2B customers consume content and make decisions. Old advertising models no longer meet the needs and challenges of B2B companies. That’s why intent-based marketing has become the go-to solution for marketers who want to get their brand in front of the right people in the right context.

In this post, we explore the key benefits of intent-based marketing and how it can help B2B companies achieve their marketing and sales objectives.

  1. Intent-Based Marketing Helps You Target Your Ads with Precision

Intent-based marketing is based on the real-time analysis of the content being consumed by your target audience. This level of precision in ad targeting is unparalleled and enables marketers to reach the right people in the right companies.

The technology behind intent-based marketing is designed to solve the real challenges and needs of B2B companies, which traditional advertising and intent solutions cannot meet.

Instead of targeting clusters of individuals, as with cookie targeting, intent-based marketing uses a company’s IP address, which is a GDPR-friendly approach that delivers the level of precision required for B2B marketing, and couples it with real-time analysis of the pages being read to ensure that they contain the terms you want to track.

  • Intent-Based Marketing Amplifies the Impact of Advertising Budgets

Intent-based marketing helps amplify the impact of your advertising budgets by analysing which companies are ready to buy and targeting them with your ads. This real-time information, not historical data, is critical for maximum impact and enables you to place your adverts in front of the companies most likely to spend money on your products or services.

This approach is based on collecting information on the content consumed by your prospects and analysing the keywords in that content. By focusing on the companies that are most likely to buy, you can maximise your return on investment and drive sales.

  • Intent-Based Marketing Provides Real-Time Intelligence

What makes intent-based marketing different from standard contextual advertising is that you have access to real-time intelligence on the ebbs and flows of interest shown by your target accounts. This information is broken down by the products or topics they’re reading about, the number of pages and articles they’ve read, and even the most relevant content pieces they consume. This wealth of intelligence provides valuable insights for your sales teams, enabling them to make informed decisions and close more deals faster.

  • Intent-Based Marketing Helps You Reach Accounts Effectively

Marketers need an effective method to reach both known and unknown accounts. With intent-based marketing, you can target specific companies by using their IP address, which is a unique digital key that belongs to the company.

This allows you to determine which specific company online traffic belongs to, see if you’re targeting people within your market, and know whether they’ve shown intent for your products or services.

On the other hand, cookie targeting, which reaches clusters of individuals, cannot be associated with any specific company, making it impossible to tell if your marketing investment is even reaching your target companies.

  • Intent-Based Marketing (from AccountInsight) has Detailed Tracking Capabilities

Intent-based marketing offers a huge advantage in tracking capabilities compared to cookie targeting. With cookies, you’re targeting anyone who has looked at a specific website or used specific keywords.

With IP targeting, you can see if you’re targeting people within your market and if they’ve shown intent for your products or services. Additionally, our technology allows for various ways of targeting people working remotely, even when they move from the company’s network to a different location, such as home, a coffee shop, or while travelling. This means you can continue the targeting journey once they leave the office or log off from their company’s network. 

The Right Media Partnership

The key to effective B2B programmatic advertising is precision targeting in the right context for the communication to be relevant. This is why AccountInsight is connected to over 50 global ad-exchanges and tens of thousands of websites.

Are you ready for Intent Based Marketing?

We focus on multiple international markets and specialise in strategies relevant to each. In Europe, for example, we’re well versed in the limitations of GDPR and can ensure that the right accounts are still being reached.

With AccountInsight’s Account-Based Intent, you have an opportunity to optimise your spend. The beauty is that you can communicate at scale with account-based advertising and make informed decisions.

It’s time to invest in the right information – get in touch today.

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