AccountInsight_Blog_ABA_ B2B Marketing 2021 Martech Awards – Accountinsight nominated Emerging Vendor of the Year

B2B Marketing 2021 Martech Awards – Accountinsight nominated Emerging Vendor of the Year

Great news to the Accountinsight team as we’ve been shortlisted as Emerging vendor of the year.

This nomination remind us that advertising and technology are powerful means to connect with B2B customers in long-lasting and meaningful ways.
The B2B Marketing 2021 Martech Awards highlight companies that have found innovative ways to attract, engage and propel the B2B Martech space to new growth and success. #b2bmarketing #b2bAwards.

The B2B Marketing 2021 Martech Awards

Shortlist has been announced!

  • Shortlist released: 8 March 2021
  • Virtual awards ceremony: 24 and 25 March 2021

Now in its third year, the Martech Awards is about the vendors making tech dreams a reality and the agencies and client-side marketers unleashing its potential.

These awards celebrate all those transforming the B2B marketing landscape through marketing technology.

“It’s hard to say you’re good unless you’ve been independently validated, so award wins are an important part of your own marketing”

Chris Wilson, MD, Earnest

Why Accountinsight?

B2B organizations face some real challenges. Traditional tools (marketing automation, SEO, telemarketing, events) are becoming less effective and sales teams can never reach enough people. This results in longer sales cycles and lost deals.
As Account Based Marketing solutions entered into the market a few years ago, they addressed these challenges by basically providing advanced reporting capabilities with some media advertising ( Account Based Advertising) as one of many functionalities of the platforms.
On the other side digital media buying has historically been very profitable, especially for the ‘big five’ marketing communications holding companies, WPP, Publicis, Dentsu, Interpublic and Omnicom. These big media agencies have got massive contracts with B2B companies but the tools available in the advertising space are primarily DSPs with B2C focus that have little relevance on the B2B space.

As programmatic advertising takes B2B by storm and with professional B2B media buyers lacking the right tools, Accountinsight released in 2020 a first version of a full Account Based Advertising platform ( ie a B2B DSP) built for Media and B2B Agencies.

Our ultimate mission is to give the B2B advertising sector a simple SaaS solution to make their marketing more effective.

Accountinsight is a media activation platform. As such our vision is that a B2B DSP solution can target the right B2B companies and identify the right media consumption signals from its employees to ensure we display banner advertising with 100% relevance and accuracy.
We give customers the ability to target companies individually, with full control over the choice of media, frequency of impressions per account-site and context of placement.

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