Combating Digital Advertising Fraud

Ensuring Trust and Transparency in Digital Advertising: Our Multi-Layered Approach to Combating Fraud

Ad verification technology in B2B Display Advertising faces scrutiny as marketers question its efficacy against modern fraud. Issues like fraud, ID spoofing, and dubious websites continue to plague marketers. At AccountInsight, we acknowledge these challenges and have crafted a robust, multi-tiered strategy to uphold data integrity and combat fraudulent activities effectively.

Key Components of Our Approach to Combat Fraud

  • Vendor Integration: We’ve forged partnerships with industry leaders such as IAS, DoubleVerify, Oracle Moat, and HUMAN. These collaborations allow us to harness cutting-edge fraud detection tools.
  • Capabilities Expansion: We are bolstering our alliance with HUMAN and exploring additional partnerships to enhance our fraud analytics capabilities continuously.
  • Transparency: We prioritise transparency by providing comprehensive information on our vendors. We encourage the use of third-party verification tags to ensure rigorous quality assessments.
  • Monitoring and Anomaly Detection: Our team meticulously monitors traffic volumes to swiftly identify and address any anomalies that may indicate fraudulent activities.
  • IP Frequency Management: To prevent IP address monopolisation, we ensure equitable traffic distribution across our network.
  • IP Quality Management: Utilising DSP-level filters and Pixalate, we proactively filter high-risk IPs and assign trusted IPs high-quality scores.
  • Log Level Data Analysis: We conduct detailed analysis using unfiltered RTB event streams to pinpoint and rectify IP data discrepancies promptly.

Our Commitment to Transparency and Accountability in Digital Advertising

Effectively combating fraud in digital advertising demands a comprehensive, multi-layered approach to quality assurance. At AccountInsight, we understand that no single solution can provide complete protection, which is why we integrate the best tools and methods available. Transparency is at the core of our operations; by openly sharing our processes and vendor partnerships, we foster trust and ensure accountability with our clients.

If your current ad verification solution operates like a black box, lacking transparency in handling advert quality, it may be concealing critical information. In today’s landscape, accountability is paramount. Every advertising dollar should deliver value, and at AccountInsight, we are dedicated to leveraging advanced tools, maintaining vigilant oversight, and continually refining our methodologies to safeguard data integrity and uphold our clients’ interests.

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