How to identify which accounts are ready to buy

It’s an age-old question: how can you ensure your B2B display advertising reaches the right accounts? How can you make your budget go further and reach the accounts that are ready to buy? The short answer is that with a little bit of research and the right timing, you can reach the right accounts, do more with your budget and target accounts when they are ready to buy.

Why intent data is critical

When it comes to identifying accounts that are ready to buy, you need to find out who’s out there researching what you offer. This is where intent based marketing data comes in because it’s literally the information about what your target market is researching online. All of this data will show you what your target audience is interested in purchasing and how close they are to making that purchase based on how much research is done and how many employees are researching similar topics. Now, you can get your adverts into their online activities, ensuring that you remain in their consciousness.

While cookies are often used to track customer intent, they’re far less reliable in terms of detail and are being phased out by most major platforms. Tracking activity using specific IP addresses is a more accurate method because you can see the movements being made by more than one person in a company. This will tell you if the buying committee on the other end is ready to purchase.

Using intent data quickly is the key

Knowing which of your target accounts is ready to buy and focusing your adverts on the people who influence the buying decisions is a game changer. However, you need to be able to use this information in real time or you’ll be one step behind your target accounts. The key is to get your adverts in front of companies that have shown serious intent to buy but before they’ve locked into a decision, or worse, gone ahead and made a purchase.

Too often, it takes too long to get intent data and to analyse it. This means that you’re likely to miss that moment when people are just about ready to make their purchase.

AccountInsight uses IP addresses to track intent

At AccountInsight, we realise that speed and timing is critical to ensuring your solutions are placed in front of your accounts when they’re showing intent. This is why we’ve added Live Intent to our offering so that you can see which accounts are showing intent in real time.Using this as part of our toolkit of solutions, we assist a wide variety of businesses and help them to succeed in their endeavours. Get in touch with us to get a quote and discover exactly how we can help you and your business grow.

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