Why uncovering intent is critical to campaign success

While mapping out your target accounts is an excellent starting point for your account based marketing strategy, consider this: it’s estimated that only 10% of B2B companies are in-market at any given moment. If you advertise to your entire target account list, 90% of your budget could be wasted. Tracking real-time account intent is a much smarter way of using your B2B display advertising budget than the spray and pray approach.

How do customers show intent?

Intent often equates to research. For example, if members of a company are researching about IT infrastructure solutions, they’re showing the beginnings of intent. As they progress through the research – looking at back-up, comparing vendors and added extras, etc. – they’re showing a higher level of intent. It’s the build up to that final sale, as they weigh, analyse and research all options available, before the company decides to put cash behind their final choice.

How can intent impact your advertising?

The problem for most companies is that it’s hard to predict customer intent in real time. After a customer has shown weeks of interest, you may be a little too late to the party if you’re only now starting to tailor your advertising to them. To put it another way, it’s no use trying to advertise a company that has already made that final purchase – you were too late to influence their buying decision.

If you use intent based marketing in real time, you’ll find it far easier to tailor your adverts and ensure they’re shown to the right people at the right time. It’s a little nudge to help move them along their buyer journey as you save them time by showing them you have what they want.

Ready to get started with intent data?

Knowing your account’s level of intent in real time will ensure your marketing team has the right information on hand to better craft adverts based on their interactions, keyword use and online research. This, in turn, is going to give you and your products greater growth opportunities and longevity in the market.We can help you to simplify and streamline your advertising right now with flexible, scalable solutions that suit your business. Let us help you to succeed.

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