How B2B Display Advertising with Intent Based Marketing works

Digital is taking over and customers are consuming more content than ever before as they go through their buying process, especially in the B2B world. Our solutions are about helping your customers make informed decisions. We do this through B2B display advertising and intent based marketing solutions that we’ve specially designed to get your brand in front of the entire buying committee within your target accounts.

This technology was designed using years of experience and expertise in the media industry and is based on the real challenges and needs of B2B companies. Traditional advertising solutions are simply not a fit for B2B so we developed the software ourselves to create a bespoke offering for you. This resulted in an unprecedented level of precision on targeting ads. To the right people in the right companies.

The next step in our evolution was clear – Live Intent. For maximum impact, our clients need real time information, not historical data. This can be achieved by analysing real time the content of pages read by your target audience.

By bringing Live Intent into the mix, you can amplify the impact of your advertising budgets. This is done through analysing who’s ready to buy and targeting them with your adverts.

Our platform offering

We built technology that targets the right people at the right companies. Not based on the traditional browsing experience of using cookies and retargeting, which have big limitations.

Cookie targeting , which reaches clusters of individuals, can not be associated to any specific company. As such, it is impossible to tell if your marketing investment is even reaching any of the B2B customers you need to influence.

On the other hand, you can target specific companies by using their IP address. This is a  GDPR and personal-data friendly approach that delivers the level of precision required in B2B.

Whether you already have a list of accounts you want to target or need our help identifying accounts using criteria like company size and industry, we can help you identify the correct IP addresses to target them.We then use our tech to place your adverts on websites when people at those IP addresses visit them.

With B2B markets more competitive than ever, how can Sales Teams be more competitive than ever: the answer is Live Intent as it takes our ability to target to the next level. Here the approach is very simple: we collect information on the content being consumed by your prospects and look at the keywords in that content. This data is then analysed to see which of your target accounts is most likely ready to buy, based on the keywords that match your products or services. Now, your adverts are placed in front of companies who are most likely to spend money on your products or services instead of simply anyone who might be just starting their research.

What makes live intent different from standard contextual advertising is that you’re not working with a single snapshot of intent data. Instead, you have access to the real time ebbs and flows of interest shown by your accounts, broken down by products they are reading about, number of pages and articles they have read and even the most relevant content pieces they consume. This is a wealth of intelligence that will propel insights to your sales teams to a next level.

Why is the B2B advertising industry so keen on IP targeting: the difference between IP targeting and using cookies

Marketers need an effective method to reach accounts they know and some they don’t know. When using cookies for targeting, you’re not actually aware who the genuine prospects are. Cookie targeting doesn’t have the ability to differentiate between a businessperson and student for example and, therefore, the relevance of your advert to that person. With IP targeting, you can target specific companies, instead of trying to spread your budget across everyone researching a particular topic.

An IP address is like a main switchboard in a company and all employees of that company share the same IP address. This is like a unique digital key that belongs to the company. Online traffic coming from within this range allows you to determine which specific company it belongs to.

An added bonus of our new technology is the various ways of targeting people working remotely. When employees move from the company’s network to a different location, whether at home, a coffee shop or while travelling, the IP address they use is different but the device remains the same. By connecting the dots, we are able to continue once the targeting journey once the’ve left the office or logged off from their company’s network.

As you can see, this difference in tracking capabilities is massive. With cookies, you’re targeting anyone who has looked at a specific website or used specific keywords. With IP targeting, you can see if you’re targeting people within your market and if they’ve shown intent for your products or services.

The right media partnership

Years ago, the question of whether to put your budget on precise targeting or on specialist media was a spirited debate. What experience has taught is that it isn’t a question of ‘either-or’. Effective advertising requires targeting precision in the right context for the communication to be relevant.  Therefore the obvious next step is to connect the dots to ensure your adverts end up in front of the right people in the right context. That’s why AccountInsight is connected to over 50 global ad-exchanges and tens of thousands of players in the media publishing industry, including many local players around the world to create a bigger pipeline and increase the chance of targeting the right users.

Making your marketing spend go further

Companies always have the challenge of how to prioritise their marketing budget to maximise conversions and brand relevance. It’s about ensuring that you have the right targeting of the relevant content at the optimal time. If you don’t get this right, your competitors will swoop in.

We can tell you who is in market in real time and why they’re in market. This information allows you to tailor communication and target the right people. 

Account-Based Advertising with Live Intent – our latest solution – isn’t just about targeting but can analyse everything that’s relevant in the target accounts’ content consumption and rate them according to their level of intent. 

Live intent keeps track of your prospects

With Account-Based Advertising with Live Intent, we don’t just show the banner but we analyse all relevant content pages being consumed to keep track of these pages and investigate things like:

  • Where banners haven’t been displayed
  • Which users are reading relevant content
  • What problems prospects researching

Transforming data into successful leads

Our Live Intent process is essentially track, score, categorise and offer feedback. A customer will bring us a list of companies they want to target and we’ll pinpoint the top accounts. This is done using our proprietary technology to identify all keywords relevant to that prospect and their business. By doing this, we can then identify media where these keywords are being used. The more content consumed that’s relevant to these keywords, the more intent there is. 

Are you ready for Live Intent?

We focus on multiple international markets and specialise in strategies relevant to each. In Europe, for example, we are well versed in the limitations of GDPR and can ensure that the right accounts are still being reached. 
With Live Intent, you have an opportunity to optimise your spend. The beauty is you can communicate at scale with account-based advertising and make informed decisions. It’s time to invest in the right information – get in touch today.

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