Why your accounts aren’t responding to your ads

So, you’ve come up with an exciting B2B Display Advertising campaign, you’ve paid to have it displayed across the internet on prominent sites, and are waiting for the sales to start rolling in. Except… that doesn’t happen.

Did your ads backfire? Did you miss the mark on exactly who it is that wants your product? Did your target audience somehow miss seeing your ads? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. In fact, we often have clients come to us with issues like these and ask us to help them find a solution for their account-based advertising.

So we’ve put together some of the most common reasons your target accounts may not be responding to your campaign.

3 common reasons your ads aren’t getting responses

Disappointing though it is to have a campaign struggle to reach your target accounts, admitting something isn’t working is the first step to figuring out what went wrong. Here are some of the reasons your accounts aren’t engaging with your ads:

  1. You’re trying to be too inclusive While being inclusive in marketing can be good, catering to everyone who could possibly benefit from your offering with the same ads isn’t. This is a guaranteed way to fail at drawing anyone in. Out of every 1000 companies who will see your ads, it’s far better to focus on the 100 companies that are most likely to be interested in what you’re offering.
  1. Your ads don’t align with your target accounts If the messaging or delivery of your ads doesn’t resonate with your target accounts, it’s likely they won’t give your campaign a second glance. Using intent data, you can take this one step further and craft ads that complement the content your prospects are reading about. For example, prospects who are reading articles about technology can be shown an ad that highlights the tech aspects of your offering. Likewise, people reading about productivity can be shown ads that highlight the project management aspects of your offering instead. 
  1. Not using intent data fast enough – It’s incredibly frustrating to put time and money into getting intent data and still not see positive results. With intent data, timing is critical. Intent data is good only for a short period of time. You need to capitalise on the interest shown immediately otherwise your competitors are likely to swoop in before your campaign even goes live.

Don’t let your ads go to waste

At AccountInsight we excel at helping B2B companies figure out why their target accounts aren’t responding to their adverts. Get in touch with us to discover how we can help you to use account-based advertising in the right way.

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