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Mastering B2B Advertising Beyond Cookies: Strategies for Success in a New Digital Era

    • Event type: Online Webinar
    • Date: March 20 2024
    • Time: 15:00 GMT

    Google is sunsetting third-party cookies and by the end of the year they’ll be completely gone. The era of the cookie is crumbling. It will soon be over and B2B advertisers are now concerned with how it will affect in terms of scaling and targeting their audiences.

    With Google’s cookie deprecation, the way forward in 2024 is shaped by universal identifiers and contextual targeting, without cookies. It’s not just a shift; it’s a complete disruption. In B2B, these cookieless solutions will be a must for your overall strategy, presenting exciting possibilities for enhanced precision and effectiveness in B2B advertising.


    Register now to learn:

      • How marketers can best prepare for the phase out of third-party cookies.
      • How B2B IP targeting, email hashing and semantic targeting can be utilised as cookieless solutions.
      • Real-life testimonials to showcase how effective these approaches are.



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