The B2B post-cookie targeting playbook

Practical advice for uncovering your B2B brand’s target audience in a cookieless era

The decline of third-party cookies is reshaping programmatic advertising, particularly in targeting behavioral segments.

This shift necessitates a reevaluation of strategies to ensure effective B2B targeting in cookieless environments.

As traditional methods reliant on third-party cookies become obsolete, exploring solutions that offer both B2B focus and scalability in the absence of cookies is crucial for adapting to the evolving digital advertising landscape.

In this eBook, you’ll learn about:

1. No Cookies? Time to go for GAFA?

2. What are the options? B2B digital beyond walled gardens

3. Cookieless era: a new dawn for B2B targeting.

4. B2B IP-based targeting

5. Semantic Targeting

6. Interest Based Targeting

7. Why getting started with AccountInsight?

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