AccountInsight_Podcast - Unleashing brand growth- a conversation with Luke Bozeat.

Unleashing brand growth: a conversation with Luke Bozeat.

With over 20 year working in media and communications, Luke Bozeat has overseen brand growth, launched products, refreshed brands, led integrated agency teams and driven communication strategies across a vast array of areas, from cars, finance and charities to hairdryers, booze, holidays and kids TV. He joined MediaCom when it was still under 100 people and is now the Chief Operating Officer at MediaCom.

Our latest collaboration with the Agency Dealmasters podcast taps into Luke’s extensive agency experience to explore how the relevance of the message is key to advertising success and brand growth, especially in a world that avoids advertising whenever possible.

This podcast is a must listen if you’re interested in:

🔸 Identifying where to move next as an agency

🔸 The future of advertising in a world that avoids ads

🔸 How to see the bigger picture in a fragmented media landscape

🔸 The role of agencies in adding value to clients

Enjoy the chat!

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