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Top 6 tips to help you find the right B2B display advertising solutions

All B2B display advertising solutions are equal, but some solutions are more equal than others.
Even if you’ve never worked with this type of solutions before, making the right choice doesn’t have to be daunting. Comparing different platforms is easy when you know exactly which features to look for: not all Account-Based Advertising solutions have the same features.
  1. Main Focus – ABM Reporting vs. ABM Activation Try understanding what is the real value form the solution you are being provided. A very important element in any ABM ( Account-Based Marketing) program is the overall reporting capabilities of different touchpoints and this is exactly what many solutions will provide as their main value proposition: a strong technology ecosystem that connects with other martech platforms ( SFDC, Marketo,  Eloqua) and gives you an overall report on account level engagement. Here you can find some of the strong reporting solutions from companies such as Engagio, Jabmo Demandbase.
  • How far can these companies stay in focus with this approach? This is questionable now that SFDC starts offering the same or very similar reporting capabilities. Arguably, this is a space that CRM applications will want to take as most reporting data sits there anyway.
  • Some other players like AccountInsight have as their main focus the account activation part on media targeting: here it is all about serving the right ad-messages in front of the right audiences.It is all about prospecting existing and new clients and building both your  brand and your pipeline. Their technology focus is on building an end-to-end B2B media advertising ecosystem.

2. Ownership: Private or Public

  • Many of the technology platforms in the ABM space are VC funded. They focus on building a nice and lean technology stack and their marketing is very active as they need to grow as quickly as possible. It is not easy to see their value beyond the hype as these are young technology companies without much of a success track to lean on, hoping they can turn into a next unicorn.
  • Other solutions come from the big media companies, who have already proven their ability to deliver in a fully digital world. Initially, their focus was on the consumer market; now they are repurposing the technology to communicate with business audiences in an ABM way. As many media companies are publicly listed, they have to be more transparent. Less agile than leaner start-ups, have arrived later to this B2B niche

3. Advertising Technology

  • Technology start-ups with display advertising capabilities work with off-the-shelve integrations with major DSPs. It does the trick if you do not care much about brand protection, building or validating the media sites you are appearing, the quality of the inventory, 3rd. party IAB validation… In short, they have very little control over the advertising ecosystem.
  • On the other hand, big media players can offer all their expertise in the management of the entire communication chain, making sure that the targeting is correct and the media inventory is controlled. They have access to more publications and can control the back-end of some of the technology players involved. They are industry leaders in the advertising space and can support all your requirements in this area. If you care about brand safety, this is a must.

4. Reaching the right target audience. 

  • Most research indicates that  B2B decision makers go 60% of their digital journey before they want to talk to a potential supplier. Add to this, that in companies with more than 1,000 employees there are 34 persons involved in the decision making (source: Gallup)

    That is why the ability to provide hyper-targeting becomes critical to your Account-Based Advertising strategy. You have to challenge your ABM supplier on whether they provide hyper-targeting, and if the answer is yes, you need to ask how they do it.  Do mind that many cookie-based solutions have super-short reach in Europe because of GDPR legislation.

5. Global Reach vs Local Focus

  • Are you looking for a solution that only operates regionally ( US for example) or do you have global accounts to target or global reach? If your ABM vendor provides targeting capabilities based on cookie data, chances are that it will be limited to the US and some secondary markets overseas. Be aware that cookie-based targeting will give you only the reach available within the data lakes that vendors can tap their fingers on. Browsers such as Safari will make their lives more difficult as, for an example, cookies on this browser only have a session lifetime.
  • Global solutions like AccountInsight can operate with a combination of highly sophisticated IP targeting and cookie-based approaches, which makes them a better overall fit.
  1. Pre-targeting to Re-targeting?
  • If all your key decision makers are already coming to your website, you can simply go on re-targeting them. A simple Facebook pixel can take you a long and inexpensive way. If, however, you first need to build relevant traffic and takes them to your content, do make sure the vendors explain how they are planning to target people that have never been around your site and for whom you have no first-party data to offer.

  1. Delivery Model
  • SaaS applications are great if you are looking for a self-service solution and you have a real hand-on team that want to invest in them. It may cost your money learning the pitfalls of what you should have done differently. Normally the commitment is for a 12-month period so better be sure you can get your RoI upfront.
  • The alternative is as a managed service. The vendor takes care of the account activation, choosing the right media inventory, setting up the targeting parameters and reporting suggested campaign improvements. You pay on a per-project basis which tends to be minimum of 4 to 6 months and you are not stuck with a reporting platform for 12 months or more.
About AccountInsight:
Built for B2B marketers. Managed by B2B agencies
AccountInsight helps you deliver targeted, tailored ads to high-value companies.
Because today’s B2B buyers decide digitally, and in teams of up to 40 people.
You’re no longer marketing to one person, you’re marketing to whole accounts.
That’s why smarter B2B marketers use Account Based Advertising.

Targeted. Tailored. Transparent.

With AccountInsight, you can run personalised programmatic ads to the accounts you want to close. This means the right message gets seen by the right people in relevant places. And for a lower ad spend.

Founded by former WPP executives with extensive experience building and delivering B2B solutions, AccountInsight was incubated as solution within GroupM, world’s largest media buying and technology group.

Create the next martech category around SaaS Programmatic B2B. Our Customers expect reach, transparency and digital excellence!

a) In B2B the focus is always to start by reaching the right companies. Our programmatic B2B focus based on company IP targeting removes the spillover to nonrelevant audiences.

b) Demand Generation in B2B is increasingly digital (70% of the touchpoints are digital). In this context, B2B programmatic is the only way to run effective outbound digital communication at scale.

c) Regulatory Challenges in B2B with the advent of GRPD (eprivacy). AccountInsight is compliant by design whereas traditional outbound channels are broken. This results in increased pressure on B2B companies to find efficient outbound digital channels.

Clients include Global Agencies such as Mediacom, GroupM, WaveMaker, The Digital Effect, running projects on behalf of Siemens, Continental AG, Lenovo, Toyota, IBM, SAP, Abbott,…



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