AccountInsight_Podcast - AccountInsight Receives the Wavemaker Hero Recognition!

AccountInsight Receives the Wavemaker Hero Recognition!

At AccountInsight, we’re committed to fostering long-term relationships that deliver value for our partners and clients. Especially during times when many businesses need support to keep the wheel turning. One of those exceptional partners is Wavemaker.

Wavemaker is the second-largest media agency in the world, building bold campaigns for big brands like IKEA, Netflix, Paramount Pictures, and many more. Their mission is to “provoke positive growth for clients” in an ever-changing consumer landscape.

That mission is achieved worldwide by some of the brightest minds in client leadership, consultancy, and brand activation. Their offices span 84 countries, holding a global workforce of 4,500 employees.

Every week, they announce their Wavemaker Hero, a partner who has been nominated for providing impactful work for their clients. Emma Dibben, Head of Partner Engagement at Wavemaker explains:

“At Wavemaker, we believe that working brilliantly with our partners is critical to delivering growth for our clients. Each week, we celebrate and thank a partner who has been at the forefront of delivering great work for our clients.”

That’s why at AccountInsight we are ecstatic to be recognized as a coveted Wavemaker Hero in August. During a challenging year for many businesses, we worked closely with Wavemaker to deliver a valuable campaign for their client, at a time when it mattered the most.

AccountInsight’s Managing Partner Ruud Geensen was nominated for the award by the Wavemaker Business Team, for his work with their client, Rolls Royce.

“That we could make the campaign work during what would usually be their most important time of the year only adds to the huge value your hard work and commitment has generated.” – Emma Dibben, Head of Partner Engagement

You can see a host of other Wavemaker Hero’s by looking up #wavemakerhero on Twitter and Facebook.

As is Wavemaker Hero tradition, they sent us a wonderful bottle of bubbly to commend our efforts. Cheers Wavemaker!

AccountInsight is dedicated to giving businesses the right tools to cut through the noise in a saturated B2B market. Especially as the regulatory and competitive market evolves.

To stay ahead of the curve, we provide an account-based marketing solution that targets organizations directly. And lets you track the results of your campaigns in real-time. It’s advertising that cuts through to big buying teams, and it’s utilized by smart agencies and B2B businesses looking for an ABM edge.

As we transition into 2021, we’re grateful to work alongside fantastic partner agencies like Wavemaker groupm to deliver unrivalled performance for their clients.

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