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How to implement Account-Based Marketing

How to implement Account-Based Marketing? The ABM Consortium offers a great forum for best practices in ABM and Display Advertising. One main take away is to really engage your vendor and challenge them into disclosing more the advertising ecosystem they use, how they monitor and what they do for brand protection, brand safety, improving viewability. Long story short …

Don’t be silent, engage your technology vendor

This is a massive issue and one that B2B demand gen marketers are often not as familiar with as they should be. More details

Trust is good. Transparency is even better

ABM is a growth strategy to target high-value companies with relevant content across the right channels.

It brings Sales and Marketing together as one focused force, using precision and personalization to target key accounts.

Today, you need to create consensus with whole B2B buying teams. You’re no longer marketing to one person, you marketing to whole companies as accounts.

Traditional marketing makes too many expensive assumptions. Content and campaigns are best guesses, often with low conversion rates and leads that are poor fit accounts.
To earn the attention and interest of B2B buyers, your marketing needs to target them across channels. Your brand needs to be seen, recognised and remembered so you stay front-of-mind with key decision makers.
Account-Based Marketing complements your other strategies, working across the whole B2B buying journey – from first awareness to final conversion.

Traditional advertising is based on vague demographics and unreliable cookie-targeting. It’s a ‘spray-and-pray’ approach that’s inefficient and imprecise. Our award-winning Account-Based Advertising solution focuses your advertising on reaching high-value companies, strengthening your brand’s reputation and business relationships.

Here a full picture of the different areas where you should ask your display advertiser on how they control, manage, optimize and report – If the answer is not clear, you are probably not getting the best of your marketing investment in display advertising or programmatic B2B.

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